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13400:Re: [Alsa-devel] drivers in alsa-driver tree with 2.6 kernels
13401:patch for lucent modem driver
13402:Re: 2.6 kernel, modules installed but can't open the model
13403:Re: patch for lucent modem driver
13404:Re: ltcheckout, SuSE, SuSE Linux 9.0 (i586) VERSION = 9.0, kernel 2.4.21-166-default
13405:ltmodem 2.6.n support
13406:help! - pppd can't detect incoming call
13407:Linux Winmodem Support
13408:Re: PCTel HSP PCI Internal Modem (d-ID: 2189)
13409:Conexant info Re: Linux Winmodem Support
13410:Re: PCTel HSP PCI Internal Modem (d-ID: 2189)
13411:Re: Linux Winmodem Support
13412:Re: Linux Winmodem Support
13413:scanModem, SuSe kernel 2.4.21-99-athlon
13414:Re: scanModem, SuSe kernel 2.4.21-99-athlon
13415:agere modem
13416:olitec PCI 56K-V92/V2 Ready
13417:Re: agere modem
13418:Re: olitec PCI 56K-V92/V2 Ready
13420:Re: scanModem, SuSe kernel 2.4.21-99-athlon
13421:Re: PCTel HSP PCI Internal Modem (d-ID: 2189)
13422:ALi Corporation SmartPCI561 56K Modem
13423:Re: ALi Corporation SmartPCI561 56K Modem
13424:Internal Modem Nortek Fast 3000
13425:about the motorola sm56
13426:Re: about the motorola sm56
13427:Re: Internal Modem Nortek Fast 3000
13428:Re: about the motorola sm56
13429:Soft Modem chip IDs again
13430:Re: [Alsa-devel] drivers in alsa-driver tree with 2.6 kernels
13431:Beware casual upgrading!! SuSE ltmodem problem
13432:Re: [Alsa-devel] drivers in alsa-driver tree with 2.6 kernels
13433:gcc problem
13434:Re: gcc problem
13436:Re: help!!
13438:Re: PCTel HSP PCI Internal Modem (d-ID: 2189)
13440:Re: DRIVERS
13441:Wildfire ADSL+DSP Re: help!!
13443:ADSL under Linux
13445:Re: dlink
13446:Re: dlink
13447:Re: ADSL under Linux
13448:Re: ADSL under Linux
13449:Re: dlink
13450:Re: dlink
13451:Re: dlink
13452:Re: LTinstallRPM
13453:scanmodem output - linux 2.4.x
13455:Re: dlink
13456:Re: dlink
13457:Re: scanmodem output - linux 2.4.x
13458:Re: dlink
13459:Re dlink
13460:Re: dlink
13461:Re: dlink
13462:ltmodem-8.26a9 install problem
13463:Re: ltmodem-8.26a9 install problem
13464:Modem driver for SuSe 9.0
13465:Re: dlink
13466:Re: Modem driver for SuSe 9.0
13467:Re: Dlink HSF , Redhat 9, Linuxant driver. [Was: dlink]
13468:Olitec: no download for MDK 9.x
13469:ltmodem for Redhat 2.4.21-4.EL and Debian 2.4.22
13470:Debian 8.26a packaging problems
13471:Problems configuring my modem
13472:Re: Debian 8.26a packaging problems
13473:Re: Problems configuring my modem
13474:scanmodem, debian kernel 2.4.20
13475:ScanModem Linux Kernel 2.4.20
13476:scanModem problem
13477:Re: [Alsa-devel] drivers in alsa-driver tree with 2.6 kernels
13478:help about the conexant hsf driver
13479:Re: ScanModem Linux Kernel 2.4.20
13480:Re: scanModem problem, ASUS M6842NWH (M6800N)
13481:Re: scanModem problem, ASUS M6842NWH (M6800N)
13482:Re: help about the conexant hsf driver
13483:Re: scanmodem, debian kernel 2.4.20
13484:keyboard freeze
13485:Help !!!
13486:Re: help about the conexant hsf driver
13487:Re: Help !!!
13488:Re: Help !!!
13489:Re: keyboard freeze
13491:redhat kernel 2.4.20-6 (help me please?)
13492:Re: redhat kernel 2.4.20-6 (help me please?)
13493:Re: ageresoftmodembeta
13494:init strings and mtu settings,plus some other questions
13495:Writing open source modem drivers.
13496:Re: Writing open source modem drivers.
13497:Re: scanModem, SuSE kernel 2.4.21-99-default
13498:scanModem, SuSE kernel 2.4.21-99-default
13499:Re: scanModem, SuSE kernel 2.4.21-99-default

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