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Hi again Omar,

This seems to be a problem perculiar to Fedora, as the vanilla kernel
2.4.22 does not seem to use atomic_t.  I will see if we can find some
convenient #define to make the code compile correctly under Fedora.
(I am assuming that they have applied some kernel patches, which are
not present in the vanilla 2.4.22 kernel - or any others for that

In the meantime, if you change the offending line to read:

     if ((tty->count.counter == 1) && (state->count != 1))

instead of:

     if ((tty->count == 1) && (state->count != 1))

[Thanks to Alberto Monteiro for that one].

Best regards,


Robert Thornburrow wrote:
> Hi Omar,
> It looks like you've pretty much solved this one yourself ;-)
> I've checked kernels 2.4.18-14 (RH8.), 2.4.22-rc2 and 2.4.23,
> and every single one of the defines "count" as type int.  I will
> check 2.4.26 when it finishes downloading!
> Can you check what type "atomic_t" is defined as?  If it is a
> typedef to int, the a simple cast will fix the problem.  If it
> is a struct, then you need to pull out the appropriate member.
> Not having Fedora installed, I can't check this myself.  It may
> be something specific to Fedora.  Anyway, we need to get to the
> bottom of it so that the sources can be fixed.
> Best regards,
>     Robert

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