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CC: Jacques Goldberg <>, Bongini Maurizio
 <>, LinModems <>
Subject: Re: Modem vendor and dev
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Just realized I was too terse below

Jacques is  correct that the  under the ALI 10b9:5450 controller  
the Subsystem1179:0001 chip from previous info is a Lucent/Agere type"
 Below are outputs from ATI commands under MS Windows for Subsystem: 
    ATI3 TOSHIBA V.90 Data+Fax Software Modem Version 3.1.89
    ATI5 3.1.89, AMR Intel MB, AC97 ID:SIL REV:0x27, 19
with the 0x27 the Siliccon Lans (SIL) identifier for AgereSystems

ALI's genius/curse seems to be buying up cheap lots of components
and assembling them into units functional under MS Windows.
However all to frequently, they are not serviceable under Linux.

In this case, a driver is lacking for the 10b9:5450 controller.
While Sasha K at Smart Link has been progressively increasing
the types of soft modem controllers supported within the slmodem-2.9.n 
10b9:5450 is not at this time  in the supported  list.


Marvin Stodolsky wrote:

> Bongini
> Vendor 10b9 is Acer Labs, producing highly integrated motherboards and 
> Ali components.
> The tight integration unfortunately ofter blocks identification of the 
> modem chipset.
> Desired information may be gained by using a COMM console under MS 
> Windows,
>   and using ATI commands to elicit chipset and driver information.
> 10b9:5450  ALI 5450 and  10b9:5451  ALI 5451 are controllers for 
> "sound  modems"
> and there are no Linux  drivers for these modems.
> MarvS
> scanModem maintianer
> Jacques Goldberg wrote:
>> On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Bongini Maurizio wrote:
>>> i wrote you some days ago about my toshiba satellite 1800-712 pc
>>> i was unable to find the correct modem and you gave me support
>>> in the mean time i was activating the modem at work using a
>>> "Michelangelo usb c"
>>> i had trouble but aftera week i was able to correctly install the 
>>> cxacru
>>> package and make the connection functioning properly.
>>> your suggestion were good,identify first the chipset.
>>> so at this time i find on my windows xp info about the modem
>>> they are
>>> Hardware_idPCI\VEN_10B9&DEV_5450&SUBSYS_00011179
>>> whit this info are you able to identify the correct modem and thus (if
>>> exist )
>>> indicate me the correct driver ?
>>  Maurizio,
>>  1-Please ALWAYS write to, not to me, because I
>> count only for one among the many readers of "".
>>  2-In principle it would be good if before asking for help you would run
>> scanModem ( contains it). If your modem
>> would have been supported we would anyway have needed more information
>> generated by scanModem to answer you
>>  3-As you found it yourself and wrote to me in your next mail, indeed
>> this chip is actually manufactured by Lucent --- and still unsupported
>> under Linux.
>>  4-To the best of my knowledge, the SmartLink driver will still not work
>> with that modem and there is no other driver.
>>                                                    Jacques

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