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To: William John Murray <>
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Subject: Re: Fedora compile error... was Re: A problem compiling the	driver...
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Hi William,

Well, there is a configure script which is part of the build process
for the pctel driver.  A standard way to find out if something works
is to write an inline test program which the configure script attempts
to compile - if this fails, then we know that that feature isn't
availabe - the good things about this appoach is that it will work
regardless of what kernel is being used - whether the code compiles
or not depends entirely upon the kernel headers installed and not
upon what distro the kernel is running along with.  Then we do
exactly as you suggest and add a #define and an #ifdef.

I will have a crack at writing this, but as I don't have Fedora,
I can't exactly test it properly.  Maybe someone with Fedora will
test my script fragment for me, as it looks like it could be of
benefit to a lot of driver maintainers.

Best regards,


William John Murray wrote:
>    Hi Robert,
>             I agree, a correct patch is required. But a kludge
> can help? For pctel I added
> FEDORA = `find /etc -maxdepth 1 -name fedora-release | wc -l`
> and then passed the FEDORA variable to ptserial-2.4.7.c
> with a -D FEDORA=$(FEDORA)
> and finally used
> #if (FEDORA>0)
> to decide how to make this test.
>    There has only been 1 complaint from someone with their own
> kernel on a Fedora machine....
>     Bill

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