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As I mentioned a couple messages back, I'm going to uninstall the driver and
ppp packages, recompile them and reinstall them. I doubt this will help, but
I might as well make everything right before I take the big step of
upgrading kernels.

It looks like I need to configure my kernel source since now when I install
an RPM it comes through as an i386 instead of i686.

I've read your doc "Compiling Drivers for Linux Newbies" and have tried to
digest it, though I'm still so new to this stuff that I'm not certain that
I'm understanding it correctly. Here's how I think I should do it. Please
correct me if I'm wrong. I've got enough problems now and don't need to
create more.

1. Edit /lib/modules/2.4.20-20.9/build/Makefile.
   It says "EXTRAVERSION = -20.9custom"
    Am I correct in interpreting your driver compiling instructions as
   that I should edit this to "EXTRAVERSION = -20.9"?
   It's got the version number right. Is the "custom" necessary?

2. # make dep

3. # cp /boot/config-2.4.20-20.9 .config

4. # make oldconfig

5. # make clean

6. # make dep

7. Now compile the driver and ppp. Since I'm running RH9, all I need to do
is to "# rpm -iv <name>" to compile and install the driver and ppp RPMs,

Did I miss anything?

Is it possible that my problem with pppd not launching could be a kerneld
problem? Could it not be telling pppd to launch when needed?

Thanks for your input. You guys deserve medals for patience, knowledge and


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