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On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Elmer E. Dow wrote:

> How can I make two distinct lines in the terminal without using a carriage
> return?
  1-two distinct lines  need a carriage return
  2-many COMMANDS in ONE line:   use ; as separator between successive
> Or if I use the script file, how do I run it? I've created the file as per
> instructions but I don't know how to run it in terminal. I assume that I
> need to type "run pppfinder" or some such command.

  Marv tells you to create the file pppfinder
  Then the command   chmod a+x pppfinder   makes it executable
  You "run" it by simply typing    ./pppfinder

> -name$i*needs  a space:     -name  "$1"*
> There may also be a line folding issue.There are two & only two distinct
> lines, which should not be folded with a carraige return.The first lists
> the target stems:
  This is ONE LINE:
> Modules="bsd_comp. ppp_async. ppp_generic. slhc ppp_deflate. zlib_deflate."
  This is a second line made of three commands (it builds a loop) using
the previous line). In this second line the $ in front of Modules makes it
use in turn each of the 5 possibilities defined in the FIRST line
> for i in $Modules ; do find /lib/modules/ -name$i* ; done >
> While the second does: find
> The above can be put into a small script,below with a litte extra

  Just copy these lines in a file pppfinder. I did it for you and it is
  When you have it  ready give the command:
  chmod a+x pppfinder   so that the system knows that this is a command
  Then type   pppfinder
  That's all
  The technique is called "Bash scripting".
  A very complete documentation, starting from the beginning, can be found
  I believe "Introduction to Unix System 5" by Mark Sobell to be the best
book to learn Linux/Unix, by far.
> #!/bin/sh
> # Save as pppfinder
> # make executable with
> # chmod a+x pppfinder
> echo
> echo Finding PPP related drivers
> Modules="bsd_comp. ppp_async. ppp_generic. slhc ppp_deflate. zlib_deflate."
> for i in $Modules
> do
> find /lib/modules/ -name $i*
> GZ=`find /lib/modules/ -name   $i* | grep .gz`
> done
> if test -n "$LIST" ; then
> echo The following files must be gunzipED:
> echo $LIST
> fi
> echo
> # END

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                                GSM portable: +(972)(0)
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