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From: Robert Thornburrow <>
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To: Jamie Lokier <>
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Subject: Re: Fedora compile error... was Re: A problem compiling the	driver...
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Hi Jamie,

I already did it!  The updated version of my testing versions of the pctel
driver should appear on the pctel page of
just as soon as Jacques gets some time to update the site.

The test was to compile a line containing "atomic_read(&tty->conunt)".  If
this works, then we know for certain that the type of "count" is "atomic_t".
I have then defined HAVE_TTY_COUNT_ATOMIC to control which bits of code
get compiled (ethier the ones that use atomic_read() or the ones that don't.
I chose to do it this way, as there may be other types for count in the
future, and atomic_t is one definite thing we can check for.  Checking that
the type is an "int" doesn't guarantee that the type is "atomic_t".

Now all I need is a tester - I've mocked up the code as I beleive it appears
and the atomic_t is detected, but there's nothing like the real thing!

I have also forwarded my changes to Jan Stifter (the official owner of the
pctel driver project), so hopefully they will make their way into an official
release sometime soon.

Best regards,


> Robert Thornburrow wrote:
>>I will have a crack at writing this, but as I don't have Fedora,
>>I can't exactly test it properly.  Maybe someone with Fedora will
>>test my script fragment for me, as it looks like it could be of
>>benefit to a lot of driver maintainers.
> There's a small test for this exact thing in Alsa, presumably for midi
> support which is a kind of serial port.
> You could copy the Autoconf code from Alsa.
> -- Jamie

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