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Subject: RE: SUSE 9.0 professional troubles
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There are a few issues=2E

1) Have you verified on YOUR own SONY VAIO PCG-GRT916V laptop, that the
modem installed is a CONEXANT 56K SoftModem=2E  Sadly it is ENTIRELY too
common that a single laptop model may have any of a few different
Note that a WinModem Intel 537 is reported in
http://tuxmobil=2Eorg/sony_grt816s=2Ehtml, which would work as reported wi=
the SmartLink drivers=2E  While we have only a previous failure report for=
CONEXANT 56K SoftModem with the SmartLink drivers=2E
It it is indeed a Conexnant modem there is support software on the CDs
softmodem configuration

PLEASE to get confirmation by checking the modem info under MS Windows or
   Browse http://linmodems=2Etechnion=2Eac=2Eil
   Download  http://linmodems=2Etechnion=2Eac=2Eil/packages/scanModem=2Egz=

   Within a Linux partition only:
$ gunzip scanModem=2Egz
   It might be necessary to make executable with:
$ chmod a+x scanModem
   before running diagnostics with:
$ =2E/scanModem

2) Is  2=2E4=2E21-199 correct? If it is the kernel-source installed from t=
he CD
as contrasted to some kernel-source update, my memory is that
# uname -r
should report=20
  2=2E4=2E21-99-default   OR  2=2E4=2E21-99-athalon

3) RE dislpaying an error in finding the directory or file build for kerne=
Please install the following packages if not already installed:
  kppp (that is the package providing it)

4) To set up the kernel-source
  cd /usr/src/linux
  make mrproper
  make cloneconfig
edit the fourth line Only in the Makefile to either  =20
  EXTRAVERSION   =3D   -99-default
  EXTRAVERSION   =3D   -99-athalon
depending upon the output of your
# uname -r
Then the matching headers will be properly compiled by=20
  make dep

With the headers thus prepared, proceed to compiling the modem drivers:

But first do ascertain what your modem hardware is, or you may be working
with the wrong driver resource=2E  When you run:
# =2E/scanModem
there will be output some useful Modem*=2Etxt files

If it is an HSF Conexant modem, run
# hsfconfig
after doing all above=2E


Original Message:
From: Luca Mollica mollica=2Eluca@hsr=2Eit
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 13:18:43 +0200
To: discuss@linmodems=2Eorg
Subject: SUSE 9=2E0 professional troubles

Dear all,

I am quite new to Linux de novo configuration on laptops, so I need help=20=

about modem, because =2E=2E well, it is the only device I cannot configure=
properely on my SONY VAIO PCG-GRT916V=2E The modem installed on the=20
machine is a CONEXANT 56K SoftModem, that has succesfully configured=20
under DEBIAN distribution using smartlink as indicated  in the website=20

But, as I am using SUSE 9=2E0, I have downloaded your package for SUSE,=20=

but make command does not work, dislpaying an error in finding the=20
directory or file build for kernel 2=2E4=2E21-199 =2E=2E=2E=2E does someon=
e know how=20
to fix this problem ? Do I have to recompile kernel in a specific way in=20=

order to make the installation go further ???



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