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   Sadly these 11c1:048?  soft modems are NOT yet supported under Linux
Neither the ltmodem drivers from,  nor the AgereSystems 
soft modem drivers will support them
For altrnatives ,    Browse
   Within a Linux partition only:
$ gunzip scanModem.gz
   It might be necessary to make executable with:
$ chmod a+x scanModem
   before running diagnostics with:
$ ./scanModem

ltmodem co-maintainer

Gr!SHk@ wrote:

>I have modem whitch identify as   1c1:048c ; 1c1:044c
>The driver install and modules are present
>but on ATDP comand answer is  "No Dialtone" all what was wrote in
>doc`s i`ve done but this didn`t help
>Can somebudy help Pleessse!!!!
> Gr!SHk@                

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