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Subject: ltmodem-8.30a2.tar.gz available
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 ltmodem-8.30a2.tar.gz will be available at  shortly,
for Lucent/AgereSystems modems with DSP (digital signal processing) 
chipsets .
Soft modem support is NOT provided by these drivers.

The AgereSystems 8.30 core code from Soumyendu Sarkar at AgereSystems 
 full SMP (Symmetric Multi Processor)  support, as the major improvement 
from the 8.26 core code.
The testing at Agere Systems was done on a RedHat system, probably with 
a 2.4.20 or 21 stock kernels.
Mark Spieth did further enhancements to Open Source components, 
extending functionally at least to 2.4.25 kernels.
There is fedora compliance.

The installation code has been modified so that the files/lines for 
Device File System support and driver autoloading
are written/installed by the post install script.  The benefit is that 
installation of drivers for one kernel-version
will NOT be accompanied by removal of a prior ltmodem installation.
Also with support for multiple kernels  installed, removal of drivers 
for one kernel-version will not remove
modem device node or autoloading support desired for the other kernels.
Clean assembly of rpm and Debian type installers is provided in the 
8.30a1 -> 8.30a2 update

These ltmodem drivers for  will not walk your dog, wash your car or 
enhance your love life.
So unless  SMP support or multi-kernel support is needed,
there will be little observable difference in usage of the 8.26 and 8.30 
core code.
Subsequent 8.30a2 --> 8.30aN updates are only expected to be in 


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