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From: Jacques Goldberg <>
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To: Lawrence Porter <>
Subject: Re: System corruption while installing SoftModem driver in Mandrake
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   Sorry for that, Lawrence
   Let's try to put some order by being more precise:

On Sun, 20 Feb 2005, Lawrence Porter wrote:

> In order to be able to login to 'root' for
> installation of SoftModem driver
  which you do by login to regular user, then open a console, then typing
su -  , and you are root in that console.
> I have been disabling
> the facility 'Launch the graphical environment when
> system starts' (System Config -> Boot -> Autologin);
  I think that you get Autologin WITHOUT having to pass through Boot, but
never mind.
> don't know of any other way of getting into 'root'
> :-(.
  Answered (partially)
>  This means that, from Logout (while logged into
> 'root') there is no option to shut the system down
> (only Logout and Cancel), so to shut down I've been
> using the command 'halt'.
  This is perfectly legitimate and should have closed the system and
powered down the PC.
> The
  typo, I guess, for "This", but anyway, this CANNOT have
> has, unfortunately, led
> to a number of failure messages during the next boot,
> including:
> mount USB  [FAILED}
> mounting local filesystems  [FAILED}
> setting network parameters  [FAILED}
> loading sound module  [FAILED}
> starting NFS  [FAILED}
> starting cpufreq  [FAILED}
> starting SMB services  [FAILED}
> loading SmartLink modules FATAL: slamr not found

> The Windows' filesystems and floppy are dead, as is
> the modem.
  Are you saying here that you do not see the Windows disk while being in
Linux, or cannot boot Windows? or cannot boot from a floppy?

  To me it looks like your disk has been corrupted and this is a nasty

> Is there any way to recover from this situation, and
> is there any other way of shutting the system down to
> prevent this happening again? Also, how else can I get
> to 'root'?I have already reinstalled Mandrake once,
> but this is clearly no real solution to the problem.

  Here are a few things which may help you fix the problem:
1-when you start the computer you have a menu with Mandrake whatever,
Windows, and an entry  failsafe
  Try that one to see what happens
2-The same way, on the same menu, click the line showing your Mandrake,
type the letter e , you get a new screen with three lines. Cursor down to
the second line, type e again and add the word single at the end (with a
leading space of course), and then type b to boot
  This will bring you in logged as root with the very minimal system.
3-Boot from Mandrake CD # 1, hit F1 and type  rescue  as suggested.

  Hope it helps, but to really help, one has to sit at the computer.


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