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   Your remarks are welcome.

1-what is compiling? Indeed no place for that in this forum.
  Compiling turns a program witten in human readable language, into
sequences of bits stored in the computer memory which the computer knows
how to execute.
  Several languages exist. While in my scientific work I write in Fortran
since 1961, and therefore use a Fortran-to-machine compiler, most system
work including the core of Linux and drivers is written in a language
named C. So to use that code you need a C compiler. The gcc compiler is
free, but if you insist you can easily find some for which you will have
to pay for, specially under Windows.
  An example:
  Write a file named  hello.c  which contains these four lines:
#include <stdio.h>
{printf("Hello Adam\n");
  Then type   gcc -o hello hello.c
  Then type   hello
  You have created a new program (a new command, if you like) named hello
  Beyond this, take any text book on basic (not Basic which is an other
language) programmming.

2-Organisation of MY Website (cannot talk for others), :
  Have you ever used it?
  Can you please give me a few examples of what you looked for and could
not find at all or found with difficulty?
  We work on a voluntary basis, with many other things to make including
our living, thus the time and priority for such work are limited.
  Would you be willing to give some of your time to redesign my site?
  Either by remaking it yourself, or at least by preparing an outline
which I could follow?

  But please remember the bottom line, which I write as a 69 years old
university professor of Physics:
  You can do something without understanding if you exactly follow the
  You can also do it understanding what you do, but then you must invest
the time necessary to learn and therefore primarily to read.

  At the bottom of my site there is a
"Site usage report". Visit it. You will see the tremendous disproportion
between the number of daily reading, downloading scanModem and downloading
drivers on one side, to be compared with the number of calls for help
received by this discussion list.
  My (educated) guess is, because many people read before asking.


On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Adam Kelly wrote:

> I would just like to say that although compiling may be slightly off
> topic it is still one of the problems many people have while trying to
> convert their modem.
> I have searched many websites using google and have been unsuccessful
> in finding conclusive information on compiling. And even less on
> compiling drivers. you need to know what you are doing to understand
> most of the HOW-TO's and tutorials.
> So i am requesting that one/some of the "experts" write newbie
> understandable How-To's on some of the main operating systems
> compiling programs.
> And also to re-organise their website for easier access and browseablity.
> I think this needed to be said.So if i offended any of the
> administrators sorry but its how i feel as a Linux newbie.

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