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Subject: Re: scanModem, Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable  kernel 2.6.11-9-amd64-k8
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a quick look on the web for the PCI ID 1002:4378 doesn't reveal any 
information on the device. It is possible that this is a HD Audio bus to 
which a modem based on a Conexant chipset is connected. HD Audio is the 
successor to the AC97 bus:

Linuxant developers are taking a look at HD Audio support for the HSF 
modem driver so it is quite possible that a future release of the HSF 
driver will add support for HD Audio based Conexant modems.


Technical specialist / Linuxant wrote:
> Jonathan
> This is a new softmodem controller to us
> Class 0703: 1002:4378 Modem: ATI Technologies Inc: 
>           1025:0080 Subsystem has a Conexant chip 
> Is Linuxant anticipating extending support from the current
> ATI AC-Link Controller
> # PCI ID 1002:434D
> to also    1002:4378
> Please copy response to
> MarvS
>>On Wed, 20 Jul 2005, Emmanuel Charpentier wrote:
>>>Note : This modem is reported as a CXT (Conexant) modem under WinXP Home.
>>>However, the lspci scan points to an ati device... I'm quite confused.
>>>------------ --------------System information ------------------------
>>> Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable
>>> on System with processor: x86_64
>>> currently under kernel: 2.6.11-9-amd64-k8
>>> See success reports on a softmodem installation on AMD Athlon 64 systems
>>> -
>>>1039:7013, SIS 630 controller
>>>with SmartLink  SIL22 mc97 codec, snd_intel8x0m.ko lower driver
>>> - Nvidia
>>>controller, snd-intel8x0m.ko driver.
>>> -
>>>Conexant hsfmodem
>>> Debian        kernel-headers-2.6.11-9-amd64-k8
>>>      ----:----
>>>Class 0703: 1002:4378 Modem: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device 4378
>>>(rev 02) (prog-if 00 [Generic])
>>>SubSystem 1025:0080   Acer Incorporated [ALI]: Unknown device 0080
>>>0000:00:14.6 0703: 1002:4378 (rev 02)
>>>  Flags: 66MHz, slow devsel, IRQ 11
>>>                -----PCI_IDs-------                    --CompilerVer-
>>>  Feature List:  Primary  Subsystem Distr  KernelVer   kernel default  CPU
>>> ./scanModem test 1002:4378 1025:0080 debian 2.6.11-9-amd64-k83.4.5
>>>4.0.1  x86_64
>>> Vendor 1002 is ATI Technolgies,, producing video
>>>cards, motherboard and
>>> a 1002:434dATI soft modem controller with a variety of Subsystems.
>>ATI is the MODEM CONTROLLER not the modem itself
>>   The modem device itself is not know to scanModem
>>   Since you know from Windows that your modem is made by Conexant, let us
>>trust them.
>>   Please try the HSF modem driver (not HCF) as follows:
>>   PLEASE report success or failure so that we can update scanModem.
>>                                                   Jacques
>> If you do not already know, find out in your ModemData.txt if your modem is of
>>type HSF or of type HCF.
>> In the following, HxF stands for the one to be used.
>> Note down your distribution, your processor, and your kernel (shown in the
>> System Information section of ModemData.txt).
>>-Go to
>>-Find the HxF menu in the left part of the screen.
>>-Read README.
>>-Click DOWNLOAD.
>>-Accept conditions.
>>-Find text: "You can download HxF modem packages from the driver
>>            download page." and click on that link.
>>-Since you have noted your distribution, your processor, and your kernel
>> (shown in the System Information section of ModemData.txt), identify the
>> matching file.
>>-Download the matching file.
>>-Read again and, if you read this text under Windows, print the installation
>> instructions matching the kind of driver file which you downloaded.
>>-If downloaded elsewhere (Windows on same compuer or using an other computer),
>> copy the downloaded file to your Linux working space.
>>-Now, under Linux, just follow the Linuxant installation instructions.
>> NOTE:  the space on a floppy disk is sufficient for the driver file. This
>>is the simplest way to download under Windows on the same computer or to
>>download on an other computer.
>>More tips to transfer files are available in

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