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Subject: RE: Subject: System Hangs up when trying to disconnect from the  
	Internet( RH 6.1, KDE/KPP, driver 5.68)
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 09:58:43 -0500 
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Yesterday, I did installed the driver 5.78e using build_rpm utility provided
with the driver and the installation went well without any problem. Since
then I tried connecting/disconnecting the internet using KPP and it seems to
be stable now. It just hanged once in 20 connection/disconnection from the
net. Earlier that ratio was more than 50%. So it seems to me as if the new
driver is definitely doing much better job than the previous one .

Thanks for helping and for the good work for providing the new version of
the driver.


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Subject: Re: Subject: System Hangs up when trying to disconnect from the
Internet( RH 6.1, KDE/KPP, driver 5.68)


Get the most recent kit for kernel-version matched drivers at:

You problems will likely be obviated.


, Dharminder" wrote:
> Hey,
> I am using RH 6.1, Lucent Winmodem, 5.68 binary driver available from
> I connect to the internet in KDE environment using KPP.
> Connection speed is Good and everything works fine. But most of the time
> when I disconnects from the KPP, the system hangs.
> Can someone points to me what should I look for the analysis. The only
> I have noted that I get some message about the LTModem driver at the boot
> time like 'Unresolved dependencies ... ltmodem.o'.
> Thanks in advance.
> Dharminder Kumar

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