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To: David =?iso-8859-1?Q?Dr=F6schel?= <>
Subject: Re: anyone can recommend a Mini-PCI winmodem?
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>>>>> "David" == David =?iso-8859-1?Q?Dr=F6schel?= <David> writes:

    David> hi, Anyone can recommend a Mini-PCI winmodem that works with
    David> Linux? I don't mean winmodems in general, i search for a winmodem
    David> that works in a Mini-PCI-slot (found in laptops).  Any
    David> experience?

I have a Gericom Modem with a built-in, exchangable PCI Modem. The Modem is
a Conexant Softmodem 56k, which is from the family of the Conexant HSF
modems and it works with a 2.2.18 kernel and the Olitec driver for 2.2.17.
I had success in dialing out and  ppp-ing, but normally I do communications
with an ISDN card on a desktop PC, so I didn't push the Conexant to hard.

The binary only olitec driver also binds you to 2.2.18, while kernel2.4 has
some additional powersavings for my Laptop.

Uwe Bonnes      

Institut fuer Kernphysik  Schlossgartenstrasse 9  64289 Darmstadt
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