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Subject: 2.4.2-ac@60Hz

I just upgraded to 2.4.2(-ac-not) and had problems finding the
new version of the bug fixes for the old ltmdmobj.o thingy.
All sources seem to point to the same site (with walbran
as part of the name, I believe), which points to a 5.78e.tgz
available from a different address (which I didn't look up, but
was specified by the numeric IP), which timed out every time
that I tried.  I grepped my mbox to find a recent reference
to a 5.78e.heby version which worked just fine for me.
I imagine that it is nearly the same if not identical to
the other 5.78e.  At any rate, the only problem that I ran
into was that the heby1 version (I haven't even looked at
heby2, yet.) is set up to take /dev/tts/0 (Yes, devfsd is
very nice.) and make it have a device major number of 62.
It isn't a real problem.  I don't use my two serial ports.
It just seems like a better bet to not register any numbers in
the /dev/tts directory due to likely conflicts.  My old set up
just made /dev/modem a character device (62,78 or whatever)
after the devfsd started up.  That worked fine for 2.4.0.
I am now trying to get rid of most of the extra baggage by
stripping the serial.c and merging it with the ltmodem.c and
ltwhatever.h so that it will be easier to maintain.  I wonder
why the generic_serial.c was not used rather than the full blown
serial.c in the first place.  Anyway, after installing 2.4.2
(actually 2.4.0 patched with the international crypto stuff
and then the 2.4.1 and 2.4.2 patches), ltmodem.o compiled
just fine with no messages that I remember.  I never used
the depmod thing, but before I can use the modem I have to
(rmmod ltmodem; rm /dev/tts/0; modprobe ltmodem) which seems
to do fine with /dev/modem as a pointer to /dev/tts/0 and pppd
using the /dev/modem.  Thank you all for your continued efforts.
I need to go and take my medication...

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