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Documentation: Invoking the BIOS Set-Up Menu
Excerpted from "Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 For Intel x86",
with new additions from Tom Laermans
There is a Hotlink to this message from the Linmodems-HowTo Resource

Acer notebooks: F2 key during Power-On Self-Test POST
Older Acer (desktops/towers): Ctrl-Alt-Esc during POST
American Megatrends (AMI): Del key during Power-On Self-Test
Award: Del, or Ctrl-Alt-Esc
Compaq: F10 key after the square appears in the top right corner of the
screen during boot-up
Compaq, very old models: Install Boot Disk (for F10, make sure the
"RomPaq" partition is not deleted)
Dell: Ctrl-Alt-Enter
Dell Laptop: F1 during bootup, Fn-F1 while running
  with Fn the (frequently Blue) key to be pressed with F1
AST Laptop: Fn-F3 while running
DTK: Esc key during Power-On Self-Test
DTK, other  <Del>
IBM PS/2: Ctrl-Alt-Del, then Ctrl-Alt-Ins 
	when the cursor is in the top right corner

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