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I have also wrote to Dorian Araneda of Intel
he suggested me to post also this message to this forum, because
maybe here is somebody who has a quick answer for that.

I'm running Suse 7.0 on a Intel III 900Mhz with 128MB Ram. Now the
problem is, everytime when I logoff Gnome or I shutdown my computer
and then log in or reboot again, I got the error message in Kppp No
ppp Daemon installed nor in the kernel neither as a module. Then I
have to remove /dev/ham /dev/modem /dev/ttyS15 and re-create them.
After I've done this the modem dials in again and everything works
properly. Do you got any ideas how to avoid to do this after every

The problem is not occuring when I disconnect via Kppp and reconnect

Also Kppp is the only Dialer help application which works, wvdial
fails and also the Gnome dialer.

Thanks a lot

Regards Carsten

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