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At 14:00 8/03/01, you wrote:

>4) The change in permissions you mention, on my system:
>$ ls -l /dev/ttyLT0
>crw-r--r--    1 root     uucp      62,  64 Mar  8 07:35 /dev/ttyLT0
>is harmless and presumable done as part of a Debian security sweep,
>though I haven't tried to track it in detail.

Probably. My SuSE seems to do it as well. I hate it. I was going to ask 
this question just tonight (after finding out I ALWAYS have to put it back) 
... now I see it has already been asked.

This sucks.

I checked /etc/permissions.* (the stuff SuSE uses for 'sweeping' as you 
say) ... nothing -(

Any help?

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