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Hey all. Out of the question, subject though. My friend installed Linux
Mandrake on the same drive, as he has Windows 98 on. So when he boots up, he
has a choice between what to run Windows 98 or Linux. He asked me to ask you
guys, how could he remove Linux Mandrake from the system? But keep Windows
98 still in the same shape as it is right now?

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Subject: Re: Subject: How To Do Working A HSF Conexant Modem Under Linux.

If you have Windows 9x, you can use HyperTerminal, to
type at commands. Informations Commands are ATI and
and number 0->5 (ie: ATI3 or ATI5).

If you have Win2k or Whistler, go on modem's
properties, right-click on My Computer, then
Properties, select Hardware and then Device Manager.
Now you to find your modem in the modem section. Go
into it's properties and select diagnostics, now you
can view the modem diagnostics, with a field name
Hardware ID, the vendor ID is here.

I expect that these informations will help you, sorry
for my poor English but I french.

--- Andreas Diehl <> a
écrit :
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0
<p>I'm trying to setup the winmodem on my new Vaio
Z505LE with
<br>internal Conexant Modem.
<p>In your contibution you mentioned
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>
<pre>-*- The second way, is to search the vendor ID of
your modem under Windows(very bad
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; thing). When you find
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; it's something like

<p><br>How can I&nbsp;find the vendor ID on Windows?
<p>Did you try to use the 2.2.17 driver with 2.2.18
kernel or even 2.4
<p>Thanks for the help,

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