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From: "Makoto Sakurai" <>
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Subject: Conentant Modem Driver doesn't work. Why?
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 10:52:52 +0900
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   I'm Makoto Sakurai. I'm now trying to use Conentant of Olitec (the
and only-known driver of its modem). Though I did all things I could think
of, and
read almost all of the archves of its linmodem, I couldn't find out how I
can break
through the installation. So, I would like someone to help with my task.

   Here is some details of my way to the installation.

1.My environment

 PC : VAIO PCG-XR7S (maybe not released to other countries than Japan)
 Modem :  My oem4.inf of windows 2000 says

  %HCFModem%     = Modem, PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2005&SUBSYS_805A104D

 OSes : Windows 98 (Pre-installed) -> Windows 2000
            Laser 5 Linux 6.4 (basically RedHat 6.23 kernel is 2.2.16)

            Remember, when I updated my windows, I had to updated
         some devices or BIOS from the SONY's web-page. But I think
         that's not important. I CANGED THE BIOS OPTION TO
         NOT-PLUG-N-PLAY OS, so it's not the problem.

2. ./ins_all

   Many times I crashed, some were hard. Thougth I deleted "+FCLASS",
that made no improvement for my case. The system says just "Segmantation
fault", as someone ever wrote. I emacsed the "var/log/messages", and saw
the the message that was similar to other people's. (I couldn't installed
the myserial.o)

3. Question

    Why is it that there are some items in oem4.inf (Windows 2000's inf
which have longer options than LIN_HSF.INF?  And why some of the items
 of oem4.inf does not have correspondence in LIN_HSF.INF and vice versa?
I mean, for example,

I couldn't find the correspondence of


in oem4.inf. And

HKR,,Properties,1, 80,01,00,00, FF,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00,
0F,00,00,00, 37,0B,00,00, 00,C2,01,00, C0,DA,00,00

 in oem4, though


 in Linux.  (Should I select some 4 of the property?)

There are many such cases.

  I want to ask though who used windows inf file, how you copied the items?

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