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Subject: Re: Conentant Modem Driver doesn't work. Why?
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Makoto Sakurai writes:
>    I'm Makoto Sakurai. I'm now trying to use Conentant of Olitec (the
> well-known
> and only-known driver of its modem). Though I did all things I could think
> of, and
> read almost all of the archves of its linmodem, I couldn't find out how I
> can break
> through the installation. So, I would like someone to help with my task.
>    Here is some details of my way to the installation.
> 1.My environment
>  PC : VAIO PCG-XR7S (maybe not released to other countries than Japan)
>  Modem :  My oem4.inf of windows 2000 says
>   %HCFModem%     = Modem, PCI\VEN_127A&DEV_2005&SUBSYS_805A104D

You are out of luck.

To my knowledge only the HSF and the SoftK56 are supported by the Olitec
driver. The HCF won't work.


Uwe Bonnes      

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