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Subject: Re: connection problems displaying remote X apps and Netscape 6.01 jpegs
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More info on this problem.  It's getting more interesting by the minute.

Tried the following...

1) opening remote X app on local Linux machine fails to display the 
app.  Remote host becomes unpingable.

2) firing up vmware running Win98 under Linux using Windows dialup 
networking with the linmodem and olitec driver successfully displays the 
remote x app in Windows.  I'm using Hummingbird Xceed as an Xserver on 

3) Repeated 2, but instead of using Windows dialup networking I 
connected in Linux as usual and used IP masquarade to provide internet 
access to the vmware Win98.  The remote X app failed to display this 
time in Win98 and the remote host became unpingable.

The differences between 2 (working) and 1,3 (not working) is Windows ppp 
vs. Linux ppp.  The modem and driver are the same in all three so they 
are not the problem.  I tried to narrow this down some more by trying 
many different pppd options to see if they had any effect, but none 
did.  Next I wanted to log all the packets coming in and out of ppp 
using the "record" option to see the last thing logged for some clues.  
Well, it logged the data alright, but much to my surprise the remote X 
app displayed ok!  I tried Netscape 6.01 and it also worked, guess it 
wasn't a Netscape bug after all.  When I removed the "record" option in 
pppd it fails again, ugh.

The info on the "record" option from the pppd How-To reads:

record filename
Specifies that pppd should record all characters sent and received to a 
file named filename. This file is opened in append mode, using the 
user's user-ID and permissions. This option is implemented using a 
pseudo-tty and a process to transfer characters between the pseudo-tty 
and the real serial device, so it will increase the latency and CPU 
overhead of transferring data over the ppp interface. The characters are 
stored in a tagged format with timestamps, which can be displayed in 
readable form using the pppdump(8) program.

Timing problem?  Now I'm stuck again.  Anybody have ideas on what to try 
next?  Any pppd Guru's out there?

Paul Hanni                                       

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