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On Thu, 31 May 2001, Victoriya Landsman wrote:

> Dear all1!
> I am a pioneer in Linux. I suppose that my question is very simple for
> most of you: I wish to purchase U.S.ROBOTICS modem that will work with
> Windows and Linux as well (I have both operating systems on my PC) . Do
>  you knowwhat type exaclty I need?
> (Currently I am using Zoltrix WINHSP 115200 56K modem. But Linux doesn't
>  support it (while running minicom initialization modem program I have
> no
> any answer).

  See Web page and search
for winhsp to discover that your modem works with a PCTEL 1709 chipset.

  To find this page I used and searched for Zoltrix
winhsp , found a link to drivers.

  This modem is supported under Linux. Follow this link to find what you
need to do to make it work:

  On the other hand, see to
find information of one single type of US-Robotics ( = 3COM) winmodem that
is known to work under Linux.

  Conclusion: Your PCTEL based Zoltrix will work. 3COM is one of the worst
possible choice for a new modem.

  By the way: look up some dictionary to find what "pioneer" means.

                                              Jacques Goldberg

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