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Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 17:51:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: christoph hebeisen <>
To: KCmaniac <>
Subject: Re: Trying to install 5.99b on my new Debian system ...
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the problem (at least in potato, don't know about woody since i never
installed it directly but upgraded to it) is that the kernel image does
not get installed from a package but just gets copied from the
installation disk (yuck). then it's on your system but apt / dpkg don't
know about it (well, maybe i should not have put this dependency into the
package although this is the clean way).

what you can do is either install the kernel-image package (this will
overwrite your current kernel with the same image) or use

dpkg --force-depends -i <package>

to install the ltmodem. not that i have tried this before but according to
the manpage it should work.


p.s.: congratulations to your debian system ;-) i spent the entire last
night installing two debian computers via network in an awfully slow
corner of the campus network... yawn!

On Thu, 31 May 2001, KCmaniac wrote:

> I just installed Debian or at least some of it.  I only have the base
> system mainly because I have no connection to the Internet.  I am trying
> to install Debian using FTP or HTTP.  Since how I do not have the CDs or
> the myriad of packages on disk I am stuck in the mud until I can get my
> Lucent WinModem working with the base Debian system.  The kernal is
> 2.2.19pre17_idepci.  I downloaded
> ltmodem-2.2.19pre17-idepci_5.99b_i386.deb and used the dpkg -i command
> on it but the install failed.  It is saying that it depends on package
> kernal_image_2.2.19pre17-idepci but that this package is not installed??
> I have no idea what this means.  As far as I know I have followed
> instructions to the letter.  How do I install this kernal_image
> package?  Is it possible that the image it is looking for is in /boot.
> The current image in /boot is vmlinuz-2.2.19pre17-idepci.  Could it be
> that I need to rename this file to kernal_image-2.2.19pre17-idepci and
> make the appropriate changes to LILO?  I am at a lose as to what I have
> to do to get this modem to dial out.
> This modem is working fine with my RedHat system using 2.2.14 and
> version 5.68 of ltmodem.o
> Please help, thank you.

Christoph Hebeisen      
4848 Pender St       Burnaby, BC      V5C 2N6 Canada       +1 604 320-0485

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