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From: Jonathan Riddell <>
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Subject: Re: lt_serial not compiling
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> I am currently using linux SUSE 7.1 with kernel 2.2.18. When I run the
> ./build_module, lt_modem.o is compiled but for lt_serial I get a bunch
> of compiling errors such as pointer errors and many other more... I
> downloaded ltmodem-5.99b. Can anyone help me please? My modem was by
> the way found by ./scanPCI. Thank you very much.. Buckles

Presumably you missed my e-mail of a few hours ago.  SuSE 7.1 doesn't
appear to install the linux header files by default or at least not the
ones for 2.2.18.  I had to resort to downloading a complete version of
linux and compiling and installing it myself.  I didn't have my SuSE disks
handy and so it's possible there is another rpm that contains the 2.2.18
header files and the candidate seems to be lx_sus22.rpm in the dev
section.  Try installing this with yast2 and the running ./build_modules
plus the install script and the automatic loading one which it creates.

If that doesn't work you may have to resort to compiling your own kernel
which is no bad thing if you're that sort of person but a real pain if
you're a user.

Feel free to ask me if you still can't get it working.

Jonathan Riddell

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