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To: Jacques Goldberg <>
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Subject: Re: lt_serial not compiling
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Sorry for jumping in between barefoot :).

Unfortunately is my modem (a Xircom) not supported but I managed to get the 
build going on SuSE 7.1. I am currently using kernel 2.2.18 on my Toshiba 

The headers are not installed by default, so you get the message that the 
kernel headers are missing if you try './build_module'.
In order to install the headers, I assume you have the SuSE CDs, you need 
to use yast. I use yast1. The headers are under the package, which is 
called 'd' (development). There are two sets of headers: one for the 2.4 
kernel and one for the 2.2.18 kernel. Sorry but I have forgotten how they 
are called, but they both begin with lx... :).
If you have the package 'linclude' installed you will get a message that it 
is not necessary to install the kernel headers for 2.2.18. Simply ignore 
this message and install the 2.2.18 headers with yast.

After this there should be no other problem for building the modules. At 
least this is how it worked for me.

I have also built an rpm file for the ltmodem-5.99b under SuSE 7.1 (kernel 
2.2.18). However I have not checked this file. Nothing went wrong during 
the build. I will send this file to Jacques for further use, distribution 
and test.

Best wishes,

At 22:45 02.06.01 +0300, Jacques Goldberg wrote:

>  Jonathan,
>  Would you be willing to write an HOWTO for very beginners explaining what
>you did, command by command, from getting the sources through starting the
>ltmodem build, and send it to Chris or to me, HTML if you know, plain text
>if you don't, so that it could be placed on the Web site?
>  The title could be: Suse 7.1 preliminaries before lt modem installation.
>  I write this to the list at large to encourage EVERYONE who has succeeded
>installing ltmodem to supply to us:
>  -an rpm ready for installation
>  -a description of the work to be done before installing from the source.
>except of course when already existing (see

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