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From: "D. Hoyem" <>
Subject: Re: ltmodem and Mandrake/Windows, try AT&F (FIXED)
To: Marvin Stodolsky <>
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  Thanks for the response on this.  I tried to use the
minicom, but Mandrake does not come with it.  I then
looked at the files in /etc/ppp and read a lot of the
files there and there was no way that I could get this
Distro to see a chatscript.  It did say if I wanted to
do something special after shutting down the kppp to
make a script called ip-down.local which I did with
AT&F as the only thing in the line.
  I tried that and it did not work.
  I went back to the basic trouble shooting
technique's that I learned a long time ago. 
Understand the problem, go to the area that you think
the problem is in, Look for the OBVIOUS, and then try
a fix the problem.  I forgot the OBVIOUS.  I had the
phone wire plugged into the Line jack instead of the
Phone jack.  As soon as I changed it to the Phone jack
it worked in both Linux and Windozz.  
  Now the question I have is Linux will work in
either, but why not Windozzzz.  Really no big deal
just curious.
--- Marvin Stodolsky <> wrote:
> Don,
> "AT&F<cr>"    ; slam in a reset before closing :
> could be implemented from within minicom:
> after PPP is terminated
> before the driver modules are rmmod
> before shutdown
> minicom has a mode:
>       -S   script.  Run the named script  at 
> startup.  So  far,
>             passing  username and password to a
> startup script is
>             not supported. If you also use the -d
> option to start
>             dialing  at startup, the -S script will
> be run BEFORE
>             dialing the entry specified with -d.
> So something like:
>      minicom -S slam
> with AT&F is the effective content of slam.
> There is an option to run scripts within
> /etc/ppp/ip-down/
> so there within: minicom -S slam 
> would automate the job.
> Alternate a very short chatscript which just did 
> AT&F
> Should also suffice.
> Experiment and let us know.
> MarvS
> "D. Hoyem" wrote:
> > 
> > My ltmodem driver in
> > Mandrake 8.0 works GREAT, but...
> > If I do a reboot and try and use the modem with
> > windows I get no dial tone detected.  If I go to
> > Control Panel --> Devices and select the Modem
> then do
> > test I get open port.
> >   I have ran rmmod -a twice to see if that helps,
> and
> > have completely shutdown the system and still the
> same
> > thing.  Is this a bug?  Is there another work
> around
> > besided the rmmod -a?
> >   Have any of you that are running Mandrake 8.0 on
> a
> > Dual boot noticed this?
> >   Any help would be appreciated.
> > Thanks,
> > Don
> > 
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