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On Sun, 3 Jun 2001, [MAS] Jack wrote:

> I finely managed that the modem is regonized.
> minicom /dev/modem
> atz ok
> ...
> in kpppd found modem /dev/modem
> ati ...
> I can dial out... 
  ALL that does not prove that you talk to the modem. It does prove that
you talk to the driver only.
> and I get just no dialtone

> wvdial is a little bit wrong installed at my computer I guess
> cause there is no etc/wvdialconf
> if i run wvdial
> it sais
> atz ok
> modem initializi
> can not find etc/wvdialconf..

 The file needed is not etc/wvdialconf but  /etc/wvdial.conf
 This file is NOT created when the rpm is installed.
 YOU have to create it by running the command   wvdialconf
 PLEASE note that the difference between wvdialconf (the command) and 
wvdial.conf (the file which it creates) is a . in the middle.
> i installed it as rpm 1.41-9.i386
> maybe it is not for mandrake 8.0???
> than i put in the bios pnp-os and nothing woks anymore (ltmodem)
> if i put it backto non-pnp it works but again the dialout problem
> what can I do?
 The difference between PnP-OS and non-PnP-OS is that the option PnP-OS
leaves to the operating system (such as Windows) the job to configure some
of the PnP cards (devices), while for the non-PnP-OS option if for
"normal", non Windows, operation where the BIOS irself configures ALL PnP

 You did not quote in your mail which kernel you use, nor which release of
ltmodem. This does not ease the effort to try to help you. Perhaps you did
in an older mail, but I am old, unable to remember a flow of at least 20
queries per day, and the details of something which may have been raised
some time ago. I apologize for that.


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