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7800:No /dev/modem
7801:Re: No /dev/modem
7802:IP problem[Fwd: Success Update Re: LT modem crashing system]
7803:Re: Unknown Toshiba modem...
7804:HSP56-MR strange problem.
7805:SM56 problems2
7806:Re: No /dev/modem
7807:Redhat 7.2, Kortex PCTel, pctel 0.9.0, problems
7808:Round 2: RE: No /dev/modem
7809:Re: Round 2: RE: No /dev/modem
7810:Re: ltmodem-6.00c2 - now works on Compaq 1800T
7811:connection slows down after sometime
7812:Re: connection slows down after sometime
7813:Re: Should not install modules in /lib/modules/the.kern.ver/kernel
7814:kernel versions
7815:ham driver loading
7816:Re: my driver modem
7817:pctel minihowto v 2.0
7819:Re: Modem
7820:ISP crashing my machine
7821:56 k Conexant External Modem
7822:Driver for PC Tel CNR modem?
7823:PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7824:Newbie with Lucent modem : NODIALTONE
7825:Connexant HCF modem ==> device is not responding / busy???
7826:Re: kernel versions
7827:Re: 56 k Conexant External Modem
7828:Re: Newbie with Lucent modem : NODIALTONE
7829:Re: Newbie with Lucent modem : NODIALTONE
7830:Re: Driver for PC Tel CNR modem?
7831:Re: PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7832:Conexant HSF Device 5421 driver?
7833:kernel version mismatch
7834:Re: kernel version mismatch
7835:Re: kernel version mismatch
7836:AOpen FM56-PV
7837:Re: kernel version mismatch
7838:thank you all.
7839:Crashing Re: kernel version mismatch
7840:"lspci -vv" output
7841:Re: PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7842:scanIDs, Re: "lspci -vv" output
7843:HSP 56 MicroModem
7844:Re: PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7845:USR Winmodem ISA?
7846:Re: HSP 56 MicroModem, Mandrake 8.1
7847:Re: PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7848:Re: scanIDs, Re: "lspci -vv" output
7849:Re: PCTel AMR HSP Problem
7850:LT PCMCIA...
7851:I can't connect to my ISP
7852:modem drivers on Thinkpad T20
7853:Re: modem drivers on Thinkpad T20
7854:Re: PCTel 0.9.0 configure problem with Redhat 7.2
7855:Re: PCTel 0.9.0 configure problem with Redhat 7.2
7856:pctel 090 success!
7858:Re: AOpen FM56-PV
7859:PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7860:Thank you!
7861:Re: LT PCMCIA...
7862:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7863:Re: lt_serial
7864:Re: lt_serial
7865:Re: lt_serial
7866:PCTel & SMP kernel
7867:Intel [MD563X-HaM] 536EP Modem (PCI)Intel [New Modem]
7868:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7869:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7870:Re: PCT Maintainers, SMP issue Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7871:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7872:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7873:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7874:Thank you
7875:SiS onboard M810 RH 7.2
7876:[ANNOUNCE] Improved Conexant HCF/HSF Linux drivers and website
7877:Re: Install WinModem in Red Hat 7.2
7878:pctel 090 success!
7879:SiS onboard M810 RH 7.2
7880:Re: PCTel MR IRQ Settings
7881:Conexant HSF : NO DIALTONE problem
7882:Lucent AMR
7883:problem on pctel 0.9.0
7884:PCTel AMR Modem
7885:Re: problem on pctel 0.9.0
7886:PCTel AMR Modem
7887:Re: PCTel AMR Modem
7888:Re: Lucent AMR
7889:Modem display
7890:Lucent Driver for SUSE 8.0??
7891:Pctel-0.8.6 & 0.9.0 pbs
7892:Conexant HCF 56K
7893:I have a HSP56K MR me !!
7894:Problems with installation of modem driver
7895:Failed LTModem Build
7896:Can't Open Modem
7898:Driver for toshiba satellite 4300 - V.90/flex
7899:Re: Problems with installation of modem driver, Re: Failed LTModem Build

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